Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Indiscriminate Refuse Disposal: The Way Forward

Refuse dumping can be observed in nearly every city on Nigeria. Almost every city has a locality which is aesthetically marred by Mount Everest- like heaps of domestic and industrial wastes. Like cancer, indiscriminate refuse dumping calls for urgent and drastic measures. Thanks to Nigeria's fertility rate of 5.8, the population of Nigeria is on the increase and this means that the volume of wastes generated will also increase exponentially. If the refuse dumping is not curbed now, future generations may be born into a Nigeria nearly submerged by refuse.

Indiscriminate refuse dumping affects everyone; young, old, rich, poor, employed and unemployed. First and foremost, indiscriminate refuse dumping mars the aesthetic appeal of any environment. This limits the commercial opportunities possible in such an area. No company would dream of siting an office in an environment dominated by pungent smells and views of refuse heaps. Health wise, indiscriminate refuse dumping leads to the proliferation of vectors and harmful microbes which transmit infections.

To curb this menace if indiscriminate refuse dumping, stringent sanctions should be created to serve as a deterrent to erring citizens. While there are many policies and regulations prohibiting refuse dumping, many of them lack legal weight and consistency of enforcement.

Political will is indispensable if this menace is to be curbed. If the government perceives refuse dumping to be an issue that warrants their urgent intervention, it will aid in the promulgation and enforcement of policies and the development and maintenance of a functional refuse disposal system.

However, until these are developed, the solution to refuse dumping begins with every individual. One little decision to throw a piece of paper into a trashcan and not on the streets will go a long way to curb this menace.

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