Monday, 24 March 2014

Indiscriminate Refuse Dumping: A Paper Today A Dunghill Tomorrow

Illicit refuse dumping is a mental hidden disease inoculated in the brain cells of most Nigerians from the onset of time. It’s an endemic condition on its own as these habits are passed on from generation to generation, also with collapse of structures like kick against indiscipline and in house inspection by sanitation officers (although with several lapses) to ensure waste is properly managed, the end seems farther away.

Even with the presence of some waste management systems, population surge plays an important role as resources to deal with these wastes are not adequate enough to salvage the situation. A typical Nigerian blames the government for almost everything possible but I start to wonder if they blame their poor attitude towards waste disposal as governmental infliction also.

With the blinding of the indirect causes and laissez faire attitude to the environment, most Nigerians tend to keep on with this act day in day out, however different Public Health professionals were interviewed to also garner views to why people perpetuate this act and also to inform us on the effects it has on the environment and humans, please download this week’s episode from the link below, Thanks.



  1. Let's jst hope it'll get better in time. Weldon siji

  2. This is an awesome's really informative....please make sure you keep posting weekly episodes on the facebook page "Public Health Research by Olan" to reach out to wider audience in and outside Nigeria

  3. It is important for everyone who values his/her health to develop the habit of ensuring that sewage,sullage and all manners of waste are properly disposed. Most of the deadly diseases, common these days, occur as a result of unhealthy attitudes of individuals and also as a result of bad practices of not disposing our waste properly. If one really wants to live healthy,it begins from taking proper care of one's environment.We can do this,now is the time to change...Nice Job to the Admin Crew